The Final Fifty

{February 27, 2013}   Holy crap, y’all, food expires.

I mentioned before that this is not my first weight-loss-apalooza. I’ve done this whole shindig before. But this is the first time I’m actually tracking calories, and eating more healthily, and all that fun stuff. And man am I learning some things here.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet that I am a total milk fiend. Cutting out soda or sugary juices was cake walk for me, and still is. Cutting out french fries, sugary stacks, all easy peasy. But cutting back how much milk I drink? Ugh, do I have to? I actually went to a nutritionist once, and, aside from looking at me with a horrified expression when I described my deep aversion to vegetables, her other big thing was that I just had to stop drinking so much milk. I stopped going to see her.

And, obviously, I still managed to lose 60 lbs, so it’s not like I just gave up on getting healthier, but I just did it with lots of milk in my diet.

But now that I’m counting calories, not to mention determined to live healthier and just be done with living in a body that doesn’t feel like I want it to, a glass of milk is 100 calories that I have to negotiate into my day. And it turns out that a lot of days I just don’t end up drinking much of it. I have some in my cereal in the morning, and sometimes I have some at night with dinner.

This, really, is a good thing. I’m getting plenty of dairy between the cereal and yogurt or cottage cheese I eat for lunch, and it’s a good sign that I’ve finally learned to moderate even my biggest dietary addiction. But I was not anticipating this as I picked up milk at the grocery store. I have never in my life before had a gallon of milk last me for nearly 2 weeks. Ever. Because of the unprecedented nature of this phenomena, I also have a second gallon of milk with a sell-by date of Feb 22nd that I just barely opened today. It’s fine so far, doesn’t smell or taste off at all, but I know it’s not going to make it until I can actually finish it.

Hell, me and DBF bought basically the same amount of food that we always do, but now everything is lasting longer. The food I buy for lunches is lasting longer. I’ve been on the same box of raisin bran for over two weeks. I have a pint of Ben and Jerry’s Greek frozen yogurt that’s been in there for more than a week now because, again with actual serving sizes and negotiating calories into the mix, I don’t eat it just because it’s there.

It’s odd, because it makes total, reasonable sense when you say it out loud, but you get so used to things getting used up along a certain time frame that you just don’t really consider things. Turns out dieting is going to save me money, in a pretty significant fashion if this last month is any indication.

Next goal, learn to drink tea with no honey or sugar. I had a few today that are perfect for this, and I’ll be going to the store with my friend on Saturday to get some of my own!

Today I went back to the doctor. Turns out I’ve a torn ligament in the ulnar side of my wrist, so I’ve been given ANOTHER brace, this one much longer and more rigid than the last, which makes it so I can’t twist my wrist at all. I’m pretty frustrated that the 8 weeks I’ve already been wearing a damned brace were worthless, and that I have to start all over with another 8 week stretch, and this one limits different things, which makes it more of a pain in the ass. No weights since I can’t do anything with good form with this thing on. So frustrated. 😦

In good news, my feet are already feeling stronger with the Pilate’s foot exercises, so I’m looking forward to making more progress in that avenue. I managed an hour of belly dance tonight, though this week is going harder than the last few. I just need to keep on pushing against the wall. It might not go away, but at least I can keep pushing.


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