The Final Fifty

{March 31, 2013}   Fish Update, Weigh In Results

Dinner last night turned out really well, which is awesome, because I’ve never cooked fish or quinoa before, and even the broccoli was a different cooking method, so it was all a bit experimental. I put a tiny bit more cheese than was called for, but I also had 50% more fish than the recipe called for, so I figured it was ok. It didn’t overload the fish, but there was a lot of oil in the pan when the fish was done. Still, it didn’t taste heavy at all, and was very tender and perfectly cook, so I call that a great success.

The quinoa I cooked just like rice, by tossing it in some water with a vegetable bouillon cube, brought it to a boil, then reduced to a simmer until all the liquid was absorbed. It tasted pretty much just like rice, and the bouillon gave it a good flavor. I made a bed of it on each plate and lay the fish fillet on top, which worked really well.

The broccoli I decided to try in a similar fashion to what I did with the Brussels sprouts the other night, though I found a specific recipe for pan fried broccoli. I skipped the bit with the stems, just for the sake of time, so I just heat up a tablespoon of olive oil in my cast iron skillet, then tossed the broccoli in and tossed it around some to coat it with the oil. I let it cook for a few minutes, until some of the cut sides started to brown just a little, then I tipped in some water with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes and put the lid on. It steamed for a few minutes, then I removed the lid, and it was a bright, livid shade of green.


Once it was cooked so beautifully, I sprinkled on some parmesan cheese and turned off the heat. I used parmesan because it was the same as what I was already used on the fish, so I figured it was better to stick with the one kind of cheese. I liked the flavor combination, though I imagine other cheeses would taste just as good. It really took just a little cheese to enhance the flavor of the broccoli. I think with this method, I can easily work in broccoli much more often than I’d previously thought to.


I ended up liking everything a lot, and the whole meal got rave reviews!


We also had the smoked salmon while dinner was cooking, and I ended up liking that a lot as well. It was a locally made thing, though it was made with wild caught Alaskan salmon. We had it with Triscuits, which was a good pairing.

I weighed and measured this weekend, and I’ve lost another pound, with an inch taken off my hips, and half an inch off my waist. My waist/hip ratio has gone up slightly, but I’m still in the same range, so I’m not going to worry about it too much. My waist is under 35″ for the first time, and my body fat percentage is down to 27.02%, so I am within striking distance of a “short term” goal I set some months back to get it below 27%. I set three goals at that time, the second being to get my waist below 35″, which I’ve done, and the third to get my weight to 175 or below, and I’ve probably got at least a few weeks left on that one. It’ll be really nice to cross all three of them off, once I get there.


I tried the other recipe for Brussels sprouts the other night, and they were fantastic! They were nice and crisp and tender, and even though I only added a little sprinkling of cheese, it tasted indulgent. I am so excited, because not only did DBF try them and like them, but I can officially put them in the “veggies I am excited about” category instead of the “I’ll eat it, but it’s not my favorite” category.

Yesterday, I was not very successful at all in terms of exercise. I didn’t dance or do weights, but we did a bit of walking going to our friends’ place and back again for movie night. Also! They had edamame out to snack on, so I tried it, and I loved it! Now I know what to get for my own parties and to take with me to others’. I also might have to look into recipes using edamame.

So today I got up, did 30 minutes of belly dance drills, and then three full circuits of my weights routine. Not such a big load of stuff, but it satisfied me that I’m not being too terribly lazy. The thing I love most about the calorie restriction is that, if I’m beat down tired, I don’t have to exercise every day and I can still lose weight. I am finally making progress on my lunges, which are the toughest one for me. Also, my friend has some 10 lb. dumbbells she said I can borrow if she can find them.

Today I also went to the farmer’s market with one of my friends. It’s only a mile or so away, and now that it’s getting to be warm and lovely out, we decided to walk. I had a veggie samosa there for lunch, which was delicious, and I picked up some locally grown carrots and sweet potatoes, as well as some smoked salmon. I’ve never had smoked salmon before, and this is really the first time I’ve set out to try fish, but we got to sample it, so I went ahead and picked some up. It tastes pretty good, though it’s not a flavor or texture I’m used to just yet.

On the way out of the farmer’s market, we stopped at a booth hosted by nursing students from the local med school for a free blood pressure screening. I have never yet had trouble with my blood pressure, but high blood pressure does run in my family. That’s part of the reason I’ve always paid attention to it; my mother’s blood pressure is high, so I try to keep aware of how I’m doing. Mine is currently 114/64, which is even lower than it’s usually been, so that was reassuring to me about my health with the new eating habits and exercise.

Also, it was great to be able to have my blood pressure tested with a normal sized cuff. At my heaviest, when I was in college, they would have to get out the larger cuff to test me. Now, I can be tested comfortably with a normal cuff.

After the farmer’s market, we walked up to the Co-op and bought the rest of the stuff for dinner, and I picked up some other things as well. I’m all set to make Parmesan-Crusted Tilapia, Pan-Fried Broccoli (basically, similar to the Brussels sprouts from the other night, but with broccoli), and Quinoa.

Once all that was done, I called my mom to make the travel reservations for her and my family to come visit. Turns out she wasn’t ready to book just yet, so that part will get done tomorrow, but we talked about the eating part of things. I was hoping that, since we’re looking into suites, one of which offers a full and equipped kitchen, that I might be able to just make dinner most nights. In addition to the satisfaction I get from cooking for my family, this would also enable me to make sure that my eating doesn’t get totally out of control while they’re here.

She marveled a bit over how much my diet has changed, and reminded me that restricting myself too much isn’t good. I’ve thought about it a bit since we hung up, though, and I don’t feel restricted. It isn’t that I’m so worried about maybe not losing weight that week or whatever, but I don’t want to derail my new habits so much that it takes a long time for me to recover. I’ll find ways to compromise a bit so we can go places they want to eat, but I still just wish I could cook dinner every night.

In my continuing efforts to not spend myself into utter financial ruin, last night I dug through my shoes to see if there were any fun ones that I could now wear again in order to satisfy my need for stompy, tall shoes. Fortunately, there are a couple pairs that I think will do for at least a little bit. Unfortunately, after trying on a bunch of shoes, I find there are some that are just too big on me now, and I have to say goodbye to them.

This is happening, wardrobe wide, unsurprisingly. It would all be so much more fun if I could afford to go out and replace things with decent clothes, but right now, that’s not an option for me. It’s not like the stuff I have to let go of was expensive, designer stuff or anything, but I really don’t want to go buy a bunch of clothes that I am going to shrink out of again in a few months. I don’t know that I’ll be able to really make it to my goal without buying anything, but I might have to make due with a lot less until I get there. The first thing I need to get, though, is a belt, or I’m going to end up going all wardrobe malfunction at some point.

As part of my ongoing efforts to be mentally and emotionally invested in all points regarding my health and my body image, I’ve been looking at clothes online, trying to edit the way I think about clothing. My “fashion sense”, if you can call it that, has basically been informed by questions like: a) will it make me look pregnant? b) will it make me look heavier? c) will it cling in any of my “problem areas”? I’m realizing now how far down the list I have to go before I get to “do I like this?” I don’t anticipate my body will ever been such that I don’t have to consider whether or not it will look good on me, but maybe there will come a day when I don’t automatically dismiss such a wide range of things as “things that I can’t wear.”

I’m sure I will always be a t-shirt and jeans sort of girl, because I honestly don’t tend to have the time or inclination to tart myself up all the time. I can get really enthusiastic about it for maybe a week or so, but inevitably I end up going back to what is easy and comfortable. But there are still a lot of cute clothes out there that are easy and comfortable, and I’ve managed to work a few dresses and skirts in over the last couple of years, so maybe I’ll branch out even more once buying clothes isn’t the soul-crushing experience it has so often been for me in the past.

I’m going to give Brussels sprouts another go today with this recipe. I liked them ok last time, so it’s not that this is their last chance or anything, but we happen to have some cheese left from when I made the cauliflower-crust pizza, so I thought I’d give it a go in the cast iron pan and see if I like it even better. I don’t know if DBF will try them or not, but I need to use them up either way, and cheese never made a food worse.

I have tonight off from rehearsal, which feels really damned luxurious at this point. We have plans to watch a movie with friends, but I am hoping to dance and maybe do some weights before we leave for their place. Maybe a bit ambitious, but I don’t know if I’m going to make it to dance tomorrow or not, so I don’t want to get caught up in the down time and get lazy. If nothing else, their place is about 1.5 miles away, so I’ll get a good walk in at least.

Also, Jen Larsen’s book, Stranger Here, has arrived! I haven’t finished the other books I’m reading, but that’s never stopped me before.

At some point over the last few months, I’ve realized a few things about my feet.

First of all, even though for YEARS I haven’t been able to wear anything that even came close to constricting my toes, this seems to be getting better for me. I don’t know if that’s an indication that (what I assumed was) nerve damage is actually improving or not, but it’s kind of exciting. Between this and losing weight, I’ve also discovered that my size is now smaller than before. I’ve been going between a 9.5 and a 10.5 for years. I’m not pretty consistently a 9, with some brands running a bit smaller, where I *might* need a 9.5. Maybe.

I also realized recently that my feet are strong enough to wear heels again. Not just kitten heels either. I’m not going to put on a 5″ heel or anything, but a 3″ heel no longer feels like inviting most certain disaster.

The end result of this is that I find myself lusting after shoes I haven’t been able to wear in approximately. So far I’ve resisted for financial reasons, and I need to continue to resist. But I don’t want to. Pout.

Last night I roasted up some Brussels sprouts, and gave them a whirl for the first time. I liked them well enough, though they’re not my favorite. I’m not sure I prepped them right, because the outside leaves were kind of tough, while the insides were lovely and tender and moist, so I think I need to do a bit more research and figure out how to make them right.

I know that I could learn to cook things with a sauce to make them more palatable, and I might get into that eventually, but for the moment I am trying to develop a taste for things as they are, so that hopefully I can learn to eat them without too many extra calories or too much fuss.

And so far, most vegetables fall into “things I actually enjoy eating” or “things I can get down and will get used to eating”. The only thing that I suspect I can’t eat at all is spinach, and I think I want to give that one more go before I total write it off, because it’s been more than a year since I tried it, and because my tastes have changed quite a bit since then, so maybe it’ll taste better to me now.

I’m getting to a point now where my excitement about veggies is starting to wane. Not that I don’t want to eat them, but as I’ve tried more and more things and worked them in, it’s not as big of a novelty as it once was. I’m still not having cravings for the things I’ve given up, though, so I think this is just the inevitable evening-off point where the new food becomes just the food I regularly eat. It’s becoming habit, and habit is rarely always exciting.

It probably also has something to do with how busy I’ve been, because that means I don’t have as much time to spend finding new recipes to make that utilize foods that are new to me. This weekend, though, the plan is to have friends over, and to make some tilapia so that I can start trying to work fish into my diet. Maybe that will start off a new stage of excitement. I hope so, it would be helpful to keep the thrill going for another few months, if I can.

I’ve gotten to the point with weights that I need to either start adding additional circuit repeats, or increase the weight. I’ve started slowing down and really working on mastering good form with everything, and it definitely ups the difficulty substantially, but I’m not getting the muscle soreness the day after like I used to, so I think that in order to feel that challenge, I need to up the ante a bit. I’m hoping to pick up some 8 or 10 lb dumbbells soon so that I can start going a bit heavier. Still, the lunges are kicking my butt, and I think I’ll stick with the 5 lb dumbbells for that for a while.

Also, herald the trumpets, but it finally seems to be warming up around here, and the sun has been out, and I cannot freaking wait to go outside with no jacket and feel the sun on my skin. I want to walk everywhere without worrying about slipping and falling and dying. I want to be able to feel my feet consistently, lol.

I also can’t wait for the farmers market to move outdoors, and to be open every week. Oh, the veggies I shall eat! OMNOMNOMNOM

{March 26, 2013}   Sugar Would Have Killed Me

So, the other day on Facebook, a friend linked to this: What 100 Calories of Your Favorite Easter Candy Actually Looks Like.

Y’all, this article actually knocked the wind out of me. Most candy I can take or leave, and I could even before. But I was prone to bouts of weakness where chocolate is concerned, and Cadbury Mini Eggs used to be my favorites. I could easily plow through those things by the handful. Seriously, I imagine in one sitting, I would not be surprised if I sometimes consumed at least 10 servings without even paying attention. Not all the time, I was trying to not be stupid, at least, but enough to make me cringe pretty hard right now.

I can’t find any stats on how much total sugar is healthy to consume, everything I find regards added sugar, so sugar you either add or is added to pre-made food. But they’re all pretty consistent in saying you shouldn’t eat any more than maybe 25 g of added sugar per day. You’d hit that in 12 Cadbury Mini Eggs. Go ahead and estimate how often people actually limit themselves to 12 Mini Eggs. I know it was not a frequent occurrence for me.

And diabetes runs in my family. So do heart disease, obesity, cancer. Hell, I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which is related to insulin resistance and commonly thought to be a precursor to diabetes. I knew, with complete and total certainty, that I was high risk for diabetes. I might still be high risk. At some point, I need to face the music and go to a doctor and have my blood tested, and probably take a good look at what the fall out is from all the damage I piled on myself for all those years. I hope that getting healthy now will minimize the impact, but if I’d just been smart enough to do this years ago, I’d already be there, weight and health wise. But I can’t change the future. I can only learn everything I can to make sure I don’t go back there.

It’s been more than a month now since I stopped consuming added sugar. I no longer need it or want it, and I am, at least for the present, so stubborn about it that I just don’t care that I can have up to 24 g per day. I don’t want it at all. Because it’s like a trojan horse: once you let it into your body, it will find a way to manipulate you into letting all it’s little friends in along with it.

Last night I did my weight routine, and I feel nothing at all today. I need to up the number of reps, and at some point pick up heavier weights, which I’m going to look at on the way home today.

Also! I can confirm that the curry soup is really really good with roasted cauliflower. OMNOMNOMNOM. The plan this week is to try Brussels sprouts, and then fish this weekend. SO EXCITED.

{March 24, 2013}   Checking In

I lost another two pounds this week, so I am just a smidgen over 180, which I am rounding up to 181. I lost another half inch off my waist, and somehow gained a half inch on my hips, but I am not complaining because that made my waist hip ratio go even lower than my previous low. I’m not worried, because I did a lot of work in my glutes and hips, so it could be muscle swelling.

I know that I need to keep doing weights and work more in because I’m not losing fat as much as I want to be, and I’m losing lean body mass more than I want. The way to battle that is to build more muscle, which will in turn increase my metabolism and help me burn the fat. This will be easier once I can take the damn wrist brace off, but for now I am satisfied that I am doing as much as I can do given the fullness of my schedule.

Tonight for dinner I made this Cauliflower Crust Pizza. I think this recipe works best for people who are having trouble giving up pizza. It doesn’t interfere with the taste of the cheese and sauce, and if you season it well, it tastes pretty good. Be prepared to eat it with a fork at least, because it doesn’t have the strength or structural integrity of a traditional crust, but it does make a passable base for pizza.

I’ve never been much of a pizza junky, myself. For me, the main attraction of pizza was the convenience of it. So mostly, it was okay, but I found myself wishing I’d just roasted the cauliflower and poured curry sauce all over it. Addicted? Me? Never!

I got a new DVD the other day, Drills! Drills! Drills! by Michelle Joyce. I was only able to do half of it because my rehearsal time changed at the last minute and I had to run out a few hours earlier than expected. The video starts with glute work, and man, my ass is so sore today. I am optimistic that that means it will reshape my body if I keep doing it, but right now I’m limping around like I’m 80 years old.

Add to that more belly dance this morning in class, and I’m kind of in sorry shape. Another week, mostly successful, and full of mental growth, even through hideous amounts of stress. Tomorrow I check in with the scale and the measuring tape. It’s getting to the point where the numbers are meaning less, and just doing it is meaning more and more. Maybe this is how I get healthy.

Last night, DBF made a delicious stir fry with chicken, snow peas, baby corn, water chestnuts, and sweet onions, with a small bit of a soy based sauce. It was absolutely delicious, and I especially loved the snow peas, so I’ll be adding them into the rotation much more frequently, along with the stir fry as a whole.

There’s been a recall on my cats food, which kind of startled me a bit, because it’s always been a good brand and she hasn’t had any trouble on it. I gave her only canned food until I had a chance to make it back to the pet store, and I’m thinking of transitioning her to a mostly raw diet.

But y’all, it is so hard to find decent, reliable information on cat nutrition that doesn’t come along with some other bullshit. I know that some people are into alternative medicine and stuff like that, but when I see a book talking about homeopathic medicine for a cat, there’s no way I can trust that book to give me good information. I don’t mean herbal medicine, because that’s different. I mean remedies that are so diluted that the statistical likelihood that they actually contain any “active ingredient” is so vanishingly small that there’s no logical way it could possibly work.

So I found a book the other day and ordered it, and it’s written by a woman with a solid background in biology and chemistry, along with years working as a veterinary technician. I was able to search the index and verified it doesn’t contain a single suggestion that I start by aligning my cat’s chi, so I have high hopes for it. I also ordered a book written by veterinarian all about cat health and recognizing warning signs and diagnosing symptoms. Basically, she’s getting older, and I want to know how to take better care of her so I can keep her alive for another 30 years, at least.

I noticed about a week ago that I’ve stopped having food cravings. Not just for the shitty food I used to eat, but for any foods at all. I’ve heard that food cravings are related to nutritional deficiencies, but I can’t find any research to confirm it, and instead found studies that showed there is no relation between them at all, so I’m not sure what to make of it. Instead, cravings tend to be socially driven, and have a lot to do with foods you have historically associated with comfort.

Part of me feels like I have learned to not seek comfort in food. I never really thought of it that way before, but as I reflect on it now, I can definitely see with total clarity that I used to use food to comfort myself. I would see something or crave something, and know consciously that it was too much food or not the kind of food I should be eating. And then I would make some sort of excuse why it was okay and eat it anyway, and it was nearly always just me caving and saying “it’s just once, what could it hurt” or “it’s not a big deal, I’ll enjoy myself and do better another day.” And it was always when I felt the need to boost my mood. It’s amazing how easy it is to see that now when I spent a lot of time thinking about it before and was still so blind to it.

I think part of it might be my excitement that I’m actually enjoying healthy food now. Don’t get me wrong, a huge burrito or a candy bar has it’s satisfaction, but mostly, when it’s finished and you don’t get the taste or the satisfaction of eating any more of it, it just left me feeling fat and like a failure, like I’d let myself down again. It was a guilt/payoff cycle, sometimes with a defiant “I refused to feel ashamed for liking food!” stage that, while trivially empowering, was kind of the ultimate extension of the “fuck you, I don’t care what you think” attitude. Because guess how little I care what you think? Little enough that I’m willing to poison myself just for the satisfaction of telling you (imaginary people who are echos of my middle school peers) to piss off.

And now, food is about me. Because when I eat healthy food, when I enjoy healthy food, I’m getting the satisfaction of eating, AND I’m getting the satisfaction of feeling successful for putting good things into my body. Those imaginary judgey-pantsed people are gone with the daily struggle to not eat crap. The guilt part is gone when you make healthy choices, and so I guess the rest of the emotional eating cycle slowly went away, too. Because, if I’m being honest, though they might wear the faces of my adolescent tormenters, if I’m being honest, those voices were me hating myself and then punishing myself for hating myself by hating myself more.

(This is why I started this blog. I honestly didn’t even realize any of this stuff until I just typed it all out.)

I’m terrified, because things are going so well, and I feel so strong now, and it just seems like it’s been a little too easy. On the other hand, things have been crazy stressful in large regions of my life lately, and I just see unhealthy things and just don’t want them. I think I will feel safe when I’ve made it a year. Maybe. I’ll let you know next March.

I mentioned the other day that I am working weights back into my routine, and so I did those yesterday before rehearsal. This is not really an intense regimen, at least not compared with what I USED to do before I managed to bork up my wrist, but I need to work back up to that, or I’ll have shiny, new injuries to add to the old one.

The weight exercises I do are:

  1. Rear Dumbbell Lunges (which can be done without dumbbells)
  2. Wall Push Ups (since I can’t do regular push ups with the arm brace)
  3. Dumbbell Squats (which can also be done without dumbbells)

I do one ladder of each exercise, and then repeat the whole sequence twice more. For ladders, you start with one rep, then pause for approximately the same duration of time, then complete two reps, and pause again for the length of time it took to do two reps, and on from there. Work up to four reps, and then back down to one. That is one complete ladder. It’s not much right now, and considering what I used to be able to do, it’s a bit depressing, but I’m working my way back up and I’ll be able to do more things once the brace comes off in about 5 more weeks. I’ll also have more energy once Oliver is done.

I am definitely feeling it today, which is why I’m taking a rest day. I’ve been active the last four consecutive days, so it’s a reasonable time for a rest, especially since I have the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness that indicates that my muscles are recovering and growing from yesterdays workout. I know, consciously, that it’s not reasonable to maintain a 6 day per week schedule this close to a show, so I’m forcing myself to listen to my body and follow it’s instructions. I also had to be to work early this morning, which involved trekking through a snow storm, so I’m cutting myself some slack.

It’s hard sometimes, because no matter how tired or sore I feel, I still want to keep pushing because I am so afraid of losing my momentum. All my prior attempts to lose weight have been based on limiting portions but not necessarily calories, and what drove my success mostly with that method was my constant (or at least consistent) working out. I say constant, but I think when in a good, solid pattern, I would probably average about 4-5 days a week. I know it is possible to be an exercise addict, but I think my levels of exercise are reasonable and healthy. It’s not something I obsess over when I’m not writing a weight loss blog.

I do enjoy the DOMS, though. I feel like I’ve been successful when I get sore the next day, lol.

Yesterday was weigh in and measure day, and I lost another 2+ pounds. This puts me at 183 lbs, which is the lowest weight I’ve been at for at least 5 years, but it might be the lowest I’ve been since I got to my full adult height. I know for certain that I didn’t get below 180, even when I lost weight before, so I’m within spitting distance if I’m not already there. I’m also within a month or two of my long-standing, “short term” goal of 175, so that will be a real milestone.

I lost an inch around my hips and another half inch off my waist, and some small increments in other places (my arms are shrinking!! Finally!!!). My waist and hips are both at their smallest since I started tracking measurements in late 2011, and I am finally, just barely, out of the “obese” range and into the “overweight” range when it comes to BMI. (I think the BMI is totally a bullshit measurement, since an athlete and an obese person could have the same BMI and are clearly in different places health wise, but I still track it, just for shits and giggles.) Also, and more meaningfully, my body fat percentage is the lowest it has ever been since late 2011.

Basically, from this time out, any progress I make is totally new progress, and not just me losing the same 10 lbs I’ve been losing, regaining, and losing again for the last few years.

What I’ve gained is more monumental still. A relationship with my body that is getting healthier every day. A relationship with food that is expanding and improving with time. Taste buds that appreciate the sweetness of carrots more than the sweetness in a chocolate cookie. Sincere excitement about food that nourishes me instead of just over-satiating me. Clearer and less-dry skin. Better digestion and overall health. Improving flexibility and balance through dance. Vastly improved mental clarity. Greater self respect and self confidence. The ability to see with new eyes what is good for me, and what is most definitely NOT good for me, not just in food, but in all areas of my life. The inner stillness that brings new growth, new wisdom, and mental peace.

Time has yet to verify this, but I feel like I’ve accomplished a permanent change in myself already. Even if I don’t lose as much weight as I want to, even if I’m always just a little bit fat, I’m eating way healthier food, and I’m way less likely to get diabetes and heart disease this way. Even just cutting out the sugar all by itself with help with that. But I don’t think continuing these changes will allow my body to remain as it is.

Saturday was belly dance, and she worked us hard. That night was the party, which was a lot of fun even though I didn’t drink or eat shitty food. My friend graciously brought carrots and cucumbers with dressing because she knew I’m not eating sugar anymore. I’m not a huge fan of cucumbers, even now, though I liked them better than before. The carrots were wonderful, though, much sweeter than I’ve ever found them before. It was hard to stop eating them, and then I remembered that they’re a vegetable and that I didn’t have to stop eating them, and there was much rejoicing.

Sunday I still felt like a bus hit me, but it wasn’t all from the party. I had DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) from doing weights the other day. Ballet helped with that even though it was difficult, and I ended up doing 50 minutes, though I broke it up into 15-20 minute increments with breaks of a few minutes in between. This was partly to help me make it through it better, and partly because I was also roasting the pumpkin and squash for the soup (I made a massive pot of the stuff, so I used both a kabocha pumpkin and a butternut squash. The good news is that I have plenty left, and I can make up a chicken curry, or a cauliflower curry, in 30 minutes or less. OMNOMNOMNOM.)

My rough plan for the next few weeks, when I have 4 rehearsals a week, is to do weights on days when I have rehearsal, because they only take 15-20 minutes, and then dance on the non-rehearsal days. This will cut back on my dancing time, but it will mean that I can still be active almost every day without too much schedule crunch, and I’ve been wanting to work weights back in anyway.

At some point, probably the week before the show and up until the show is done, I will probably not be able to “work out” in the normal sense, though I will still be running around like a mad woman and not just couch surfing. My plan then is to keep stretching like mad, move as much as I reasonably can, and just be charitable with myself when it comes to loosening up that part of my regimen. As long as I keep eating right, and keep my quantities correct, I think it will be ok.

et cetera