The Final Fifty

{March 7, 2014}   On the Downward Slope, Again

Things are going well.

I have been experimenting more with the Chocolate Green Superfood. My favorite thing ever, right now, is to mix it in a blender with an ounce or two of water, four ounces of low fat milk, and a banana. I am seriously convinced that this is what it was invented for. The banana balances out the greenness of the flavor with a sweetness that turns it into a delightfully fresh asset, and it tastes about a million times more sinful than it is. It’s wonderful for later in the evening, when it’s been a few hours since I ate dinner and I’m starting to feel a little bit hungry again. And it’s got the protein from the milk, as well as fiber from the mix itself and the banana. No added sugars, very little fat. Perfect.

I’ve been using the infuser bottle I got with good results, also. It’s a lot easier to remember to drink enough water when it tastes like fruit. My favorite, so far, is blueberries, but I can’t wait until summer when I can experiment more with fresh fruits, and maybe some mint leaves. Oooh, I bet I could do something with apple slices and a cinnamon stick, now that I think about it.

I’m down six pounds since the last time I posted, so I’m on a good downward swing, and I’m starting to have a lot fewer cravings. It’s kind of remarkable, because I have had random run ins with these fruit bits covered in dark chocolate that live at the boyfriend’s house, but those once/twice weekly occurrences have not prevented a reduction in my overall craving for sugar. It might actually be possible for me to learn to eat things like that on rare occasions without totally sabotaging myself, which would honestly be nice. It’s just one of those things that is going to require some brain retraining.

I’ve also recently gotten more into hooping. I went to a class two weeks ago, and in the space of an hour I managed to learn both types of corkscrew lifts. I’d tried one before after watching a youtube video, but it seemed hopeless, so I was really surprised. I have to practice a lot more so that it looks more effortless and less like I’m mortally afraid of the wild and gangly hoop, but I’m still really excited about it. I also won a hoop from the teacher, so I’ll post pictures of those when I get it this weekend.

I also took my collapsible hoop to the theater with me for rehearsal the other day to practice. The ceilings are very high, there’s ample room to not kill anyone, and it’s indoors (which is critical this time of year), so I took advantage of those features. I found out that one of my castmates *also* hoops, so she’s going to bring hers along the next time we’re in the theater, and our director wants to learn, so there may be some impromptu lessons going on soon! I really like the director, so I’m very excited about this.

Finally, we seem to sssllllloooooooooowwwwlllyyyy be coming to the end of this horrible winter, which is a really good thing, because I am starting to go very housequeer. I need to get out and running, and to feel the sun on my skin. I think the first time we hit 60 degrees I’m just going to go find a flat right to press my body against so I can soak up the warmth. Back home in California, I spent so much time hiding from the sun that I would never have believed myself capable of going outside just to marinade in sunlight, but here in Vermont I feel this visceral need to do that very thing.

I must remember that I can only get away with so much before I will still burn. I have sunscreen, I just need to remember to use it.


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