The Final Fifty

{April 16, 2013}   Limping Back to Reality

So, the show is done.

I mostly did ok with the diet, until Sunday at least, when I caved into severe hunger and fatigue and ordered a meal at the post-strike wreckage outing and ate the whole thing. Went over on calories by about 1100, until I went in and added a conservative 3 hours worth of cleaning and other work (it was more like 5), and then I was only over by like 150. I don’t give one single, solitary fuck about it because I had a headache and my entire body ached, and I felt miles better almost immediately after eating. Also, though I ate the whole 1100 inadvisable calories, I felt satisfied and not even a little bit over full. My body obviously needed food. The only thing in there that was “against the rules” was the bread. I’ll live.

I forgot to weigh in on Sunday and Monday both, so I’m skipping it for this week. I’m also fighting off some manner of post-show crud, so hurrah for that.

I went back to the wrist doctor Monday, and have another, different brace this time. She said if I decide I want it, though, I can get a cortisone injection instead, and I’m going to do that as soon as I can get there, because I can’t play my cello much at all with it on. Also, that should resolve it more quickly, which means less pain.

I got a dumbbell set for pretty cheap, I just need to order more plates for it so I can do smaller incremental increases, but the handles are a standard size, so that should be easy. I’ll be ordering them soon if I can’t get them at the place near where I live for a reasonable price.

I’ve settled back into my calorie restriction with no difficulty whatsoever, and as soon as I stop feeling like a bus hit me, I’m going to resume exercising. Hopefully that is tomorrow, or maybe the day after.


healthiestbeauty says:

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Kristine says:

And how were you awesome recently? :hugs:

I think knowing when you have to say “fuck this” and eat is a healthy thing. I’ve worried that I might be tending toward too much of an iron grip, and also that I’m just one slip from losing my motivation. I think my Dances with Friendly’s on Sunday night proved both to be untrue. I’ve kept practicing my cello even though it is painful right now. And I’m making an appointment to get the cortisone injections so I can KEEP playing it. Right now I’m still in recovery mode, which might last a little longer, but I’ll do what I can when I can.

Kristine says:

I agree with you that eating when you’re hungry is awesome. I just wanted to make sure you knew.

Thank you 🙂 The reminders don’t hurt, lol.

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