The Final Fifty

{April 11, 2013}   I’m Not Quite Dead Yet

I’m still dragging my ass through the week. At this point, I’m pretty sure I bought too much in the way of snacks, because I haven’t even touched most of it. I haven’t even really been hungry beyond what I usually eat. Ooops? Fortunately, I’m pretty sure DBF will help with it, except for the crunchy pea snacks. Oh well, I’ll pick at those over time.

The show is going really well, and we open with a real audience tonight. I just have to make it through the show and the opening night reception, and then tomorrow I can sleep in obnoxiously late and spend the whole day cuddling with my cat and (hopefully) taking a bus out to Winooski to get myself some more tea.

Yesterday, I was awesome because I caved in and took a nap that I very desperately needed. My costume skirts look like they have impossibly small waists, but they fit. I ate edamame, and it was delicious. I finally voiced my fear of taking my wrist brace off, and between the director and the amazing ladies in costumes, we have a plan for covering it so I don’t have to put myself at risk of further injury.

Four more days, and the show will be done. Then I can get back into my dancing and weight routine. Also, the orchestra cellists have convinced me that I should practice up a bit and join the local no-audition-required orchestra so that I can finally get that shit started. I have to figure out where to fit everything in, along with the voice lessons I hope to start taking soon. The theater company’s vocal coach has been prevailing upon me since Rent to train my voice, so if I can fit it into the budget, I’m going to try giving that a go.


Kristine says:

I agree with the theater company’s vocal coach. You are amazing.

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