The Final Fifty

{April 10, 2013}   Oooof, and Yesterday I Was Awesome Because

Didn’t get to leave the theater until 11:30 last night. So tired I’m contemplating training myself to sleep with my eyes open so I can nap at work. Still on track, dietarily speaking.

Yesterday I was awesome because I ate well, and I took the time to relax and cuddle with my cat for a little while in the afternoon between work and rehearsal. Costuming is having to take my skirts in. I bought a medium Oliver! tshirt, and it’s a little roomy on me. I am doing well at balancing the various needs of being healthy, which not only involves being more active and eating right, but taking the time to relax and breathe and rest when those things are in short supply.


Kristine says:

❤ Yesterday I was awesome because I sat with a friend who was having a shit day, and I think I did an okay job of balancing listening and sharing, trying to both hear and say "I've been there, too, man, and you're right, the geography bites." Also, it has been two weeks since I put sugar in my coffee. Turns out, I like my coffee a LOT better this way.

You are an awesome friend 🙂 Also, at least one of us can drink coffee, lol. I need to make a tea run, which I might do tomorrow.

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