The Final Fifty

{March 31, 2013}   Fish Update, Weigh In Results

Dinner last night turned out really well, which is awesome, because I’ve never cooked fish or quinoa before, and even the broccoli was a different cooking method, so it was all a bit experimental. I put a tiny bit more cheese than was called for, but I also had 50% more fish than the recipe called for, so I figured it was ok. It didn’t overload the fish, but there was a lot of oil in the pan when the fish was done. Still, it didn’t taste heavy at all, and was very tender and perfectly cook, so I call that a great success.

The quinoa I cooked just like rice, by tossing it in some water with a vegetable bouillon cube, brought it to a boil, then reduced to a simmer until all the liquid was absorbed. It tasted pretty much just like rice, and the bouillon gave it a good flavor. I made a bed of it on each plate and lay the fish fillet on top, which worked really well.

The broccoli I decided to try in a similar fashion to what I did with the Brussels sprouts the other night, though I found a specific recipe for pan fried broccoli. I skipped the bit with the stems, just for the sake of time, so I just heat up a tablespoon of olive oil in my cast iron skillet, then tossed the broccoli in and tossed it around some to coat it with the oil. I let it cook for a few minutes, until some of the cut sides started to brown just a little, then I tipped in some water with salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes and put the lid on. It steamed for a few minutes, then I removed the lid, and it was a bright, livid shade of green.


Once it was cooked so beautifully, I sprinkled on some parmesan cheese and turned off the heat. I used parmesan because it was the same as what I was already used on the fish, so I figured it was better to stick with the one kind of cheese. I liked the flavor combination, though I imagine other cheeses would taste just as good. It really took just a little cheese to enhance the flavor of the broccoli. I think with this method, I can easily work in broccoli much more often than I’d previously thought to.


I ended up liking everything a lot, and the whole meal got rave reviews!


We also had the smoked salmon while dinner was cooking, and I ended up liking that a lot as well. It was a locally made thing, though it was made with wild caught Alaskan salmon. We had it with Triscuits, which was a good pairing.

I weighed and measured this weekend, and I’ve lost another pound, with an inch taken off my hips, and half an inch off my waist. My waist/hip ratio has gone up slightly, but I’m still in the same range, so I’m not going to worry about it too much. My waist is under 35″ for the first time, and my body fat percentage is down to 27.02%, so I am within striking distance of a “short term” goal I set some months back to get it below 27%. I set three goals at that time, the second being to get my waist below 35″, which I’ve done, and the third to get my weight to 175 or below, and I’ve probably got at least a few weeks left on that one. It’ll be really nice to cross all three of them off, once I get there.


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