The Final Fifty

{March 19, 2013}   On Bodyweight/Dumbbell Exercises, DOMS, and Learning to Rest.

I mentioned the other day that I am working weights back into my routine, and so I did those yesterday before rehearsal. This is not really an intense regimen, at least not compared with what I USED to do before I managed to bork up my wrist, but I need to work back up to that, or I’ll have shiny, new injuries to add to the old one.

The weight exercises I do are:

  1. Rear Dumbbell Lunges (which can be done without dumbbells)
  2. Wall Push Ups (since I can’t do regular push ups with the arm brace)
  3. Dumbbell Squats (which can also be done without dumbbells)

I do one ladder of each exercise, and then repeat the whole sequence twice more. For ladders, you start with one rep, then pause for approximately the same duration of time, then complete two reps, and pause again for the length of time it took to do two reps, and on from there. Work up to four reps, and then back down to one. That is one complete ladder. It’s not much right now, and considering what I used to be able to do, it’s a bit depressing, but I’m working my way back up and I’ll be able to do more things once the brace comes off in about 5 more weeks. I’ll also have more energy once Oliver is done.

I am definitely feeling it today, which is why I’m taking a rest day. I’ve been active the last four consecutive days, so it’s a reasonable time for a rest, especially since I have the Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness that indicates that my muscles are recovering and growing from yesterdays workout. I know, consciously, that it’s not reasonable to maintain a 6 day per week schedule this close to a show, so I’m forcing myself to listen to my body and follow it’s instructions. I also had to be to work early this morning, which involved trekking through a snow storm, so I’m cutting myself some slack.

It’s hard sometimes, because no matter how tired or sore I feel, I still want to keep pushing because I am so afraid of losing my momentum. All my prior attempts to lose weight have been based on limiting portions but not necessarily calories, and what drove my success mostly with that method was my constant (or at least consistent) working out. I say constant, but I think when in a good, solid pattern, I would probably average about 4-5 days a week. I know it is possible to be an exercise addict, but I think my levels of exercise are reasonable and healthy. It’s not something I obsess over when I’m not writing a weight loss blog.

I do enjoy the DOMS, though. I feel like I’ve been successful when I get sore the next day, lol.


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