The Final Fifty

{March 18, 2013}   Week Seven Update, What I’ve Lost and What I’ve Gained.

Yesterday was weigh in and measure day, and I lost another 2+ pounds. This puts me at 183 lbs, which is the lowest weight I’ve been at for at least 5 years, but it might be the lowest I’ve been since I got to my full adult height. I know for certain that I didn’t get below 180, even when I lost weight before, so I’m within spitting distance if I’m not already there. I’m also within a month or two of my long-standing, “short term” goal of 175, so that will be a real milestone.

I lost an inch around my hips and another half inch off my waist, and some small increments in other places (my arms are shrinking!! Finally!!!). My waist and hips are both at their smallest since I started tracking measurements in late 2011, and I am finally, just barely, out of the “obese” range and into the “overweight” range when it comes to BMI. (I think the BMI is totally a bullshit measurement, since an athlete and an obese person could have the same BMI and are clearly in different places health wise, but I still track it, just for shits and giggles.) Also, and more meaningfully, my body fat percentage is the lowest it has ever been since late 2011.

Basically, from this time out, any progress I make is totally new progress, and not just me losing the same 10 lbs I’ve been losing, regaining, and losing again for the last few years.

What I’ve gained is more monumental still. A relationship with my body that is getting healthier every day. A relationship with food that is expanding and improving with time. Taste buds that appreciate the sweetness of carrots more than the sweetness in a chocolate cookie. Sincere excitement about food that nourishes me instead of just over-satiating me. Clearer and less-dry skin. Better digestion and overall health. Improving flexibility and balance through dance. Vastly improved mental clarity. Greater self respect and self confidence. The ability to see with new eyes what is good for me, and what is most definitely NOT good for me, not just in food, but in all areas of my life. The inner stillness that brings new growth, new wisdom, and mental peace.

Time has yet to verify this, but I feel like I’ve accomplished a permanent change in myself already. Even if I don’t lose as much weight as I want to, even if I’m always just a little bit fat, I’m eating way healthier food, and I’m way less likely to get diabetes and heart disease this way. Even just cutting out the sugar all by itself with help with that. But I don’t think continuing these changes will allow my body to remain as it is.

Saturday was belly dance, and she worked us hard. That night was the party, which was a lot of fun even though I didn’t drink or eat shitty food. My friend graciously brought carrots and cucumbers with dressing because she knew I’m not eating sugar anymore. I’m not a huge fan of cucumbers, even now, though I liked them better than before. The carrots were wonderful, though, much sweeter than I’ve ever found them before. It was hard to stop eating them, and then I remembered that they’re a vegetable and that I didn’t have to stop eating them, and there was much rejoicing.

Sunday I still felt like a bus hit me, but it wasn’t all from the party. I had DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) from doing weights the other day. Ballet helped with that even though it was difficult, and I ended up doing 50 minutes, though I broke it up into 15-20 minute increments with breaks of a few minutes in between. This was partly to help me make it through it better, and partly because I was also roasting the pumpkin and squash for the soup (I made a massive pot of the stuff, so I used both a kabocha pumpkin and a butternut squash. The good news is that I have plenty left, and I can make up a chicken curry, or a cauliflower curry, in 30 minutes or less. OMNOMNOMNOM.)

My rough plan for the next few weeks, when I have 4 rehearsals a week, is to do weights on days when I have rehearsal, because they only take 15-20 minutes, and then dance on the non-rehearsal days. This will cut back on my dancing time, but it will mean that I can still be active almost every day without too much schedule crunch, and I’ve been wanting to work weights back in anyway.

At some point, probably the week before the show and up until the show is done, I will probably not be able to “work out” in the normal sense, though I will still be running around like a mad woman and not just couch surfing. My plan then is to keep stretching like mad, move as much as I reasonably can, and just be charitable with myself when it comes to loosening up that part of my regimen. As long as I keep eating right, and keep my quantities correct, I think it will be ok.


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