The Final Fifty

{March 9, 2013}   Mission: Broccoli, belly dance, and how I feel.

Last night I tried broccoli for the first time. This was in semi significant. When I first started tying vegetables a few months ago, the first I tried was asparagus, and at that point, the idea of broccoli kind of freaked me out. Not for any rational reason at all, but because it looks like little trees and I didn’t think the texture was going to be one I would tend to appreciate.

I tried it both raw and roasted with olive oil and garlic salt. Raw, it wasn’t terribly to my liking, though I could imagine eating it with ranch dressing or something similar, if I could still eat that stuff. Roasted was better, though it still isn’t going to be at the top of my list. I found that the smallest florets were better, partly, I think, because they got cooked more thoroughly and probably got more flavoring for the volume. I think if I keep trying it, I’ll get more used to eating it.

I have noticed myself feeling better. I used to have stomach issues now and then, which seem to have passed now. I think the diet is responsible for it, and I’m going to start paying more attention to my general health.

Went back to belly dance today, and I think it helped with the twinge in my back. I took some things easier than I normally would so I wouldn’t hurt it any further. It still twinges a bit when I move a certain way, but it’s getting better little by little.


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