The Final Fifty

{March 1, 2013}   Unexpected differences.

Today I got a teapot for brewing loose teas, and tomorrow I’m going tea shopping with my friend. The shop we’re going to has great teas that I can drink without any sugar or honey, so it’ll help me avoid drinking my calories.

I also found a cute butterfly ring that I love, and it’s only a size 8. When I got married in 2006, my ring was a size 11/12. It’s so weird to find that my body has changed that significantly, because in my head I’m still the same size I was back then.

I managed to do tap today even though I’m dragging ass tired. I even did it at a higher intensity than the video actually did, so that feels like an accomplishment. I hope I feel more energetic tomorrow, but this damned brace makes it really hard to sleep.


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