The Final Fifty

{February 24, 2013}   Four week progress report.

I started my diet four weeks ago. In that time I have:

  • Lost 5 lbs. (193 lbs -> 188 lbs)
  • Lost 3″ from my waist (39.5″ -> 36.5″)
  • Lost 1/2″ from my hips (43.5″ -> 43″)
  • Body fat percentage went from 29.9% to 27.3%
  • Went down a size in pants
  • Improved overall in dance, especially in tap dance, which at one point I thought I’d never be able to do again.

I am so, so ridiculously excited, but this is the perfect reason why I use so many different metrics to evaluate my progress. I am what is considered apple shaped, which means that I tend to carry extra weight around the middle, which is a symptom of insulin resistance and an indicator of health problems. Basically, insulin resistance means that your body has to produce MORE insulin in order to deal with the same amount of sugar metabolism, but beyond that, insulin is a hormone that has wide ranging impacts in the body, part of which involves the accumulation of abdominal fat. It’s a self-perpetuating cycle which, if you don’t deal with it, will lead to type two diabetes.

So, basically I’ve been trying to lose weight off my waist, but it’s surprisingly hard to do, and there are a lot of conflicting opinions on the subject. I’m honestly not 100% sure what it is that’s different this time around. Up to now, I mainly lost weight more or less evenly between my weight and my hips, so while I shrunk up a bit, my waist to hip ratio didn’t really go down substantially. It has now, in one month, gone from about the highest it’s been since I started tracking it (last year, so not from day one), to the lowest its been in that same time frame, all in the space of four weeks.

It might be the calorie reduction. In the past when I’ve lost weight, I’ve limited portion sizes and eaten better, but I haven’t actually counted calories before now (I just paid attention and didn’t overeat.) Right now I’m working with a 1000 calorie per day deficit. That’s how much you have to cut back to lose 2 lbs per week. The app I use calculates my exercise calories into the mix so that I can easily adjust depending on how active I’ve been.

It might be the dance focus; it’s a different kind of exercise that works the whole body as a whole instead of just as individual regions, and it combines strength and cardio at the same time. Maybe that’s doing it, but I’m not sure.

All I know, really, is that this is good, and hopefully the trend will continue.

The other thing that’s exciting is my body fat percentage going down so drastically, in ONE MONTH. Tracking this is great, especially if you’re weight training, because your weight can go up even if you’re still actually losing, because muscle weighs more than fat. If you do the math, at the start of this round of work, I had just under 58 lbs of fat on me. I now have just over 51 lbs of fat on me, so even though I lost only 5 lbs, I’ve lost roughly 7 lbs of fat.

I am taking a rest day for today, because I am worn out, I danced some at rehearsal, and my head is killing me, but I get back on the wagon tomorrow. Also, I got cast in the show I auditioned for!


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