The Final Fifty

{February 23, 2013}   Catching up (in which my body hates me most vigorously.)

I didn’t get around to finishing up the post from yesterday, which would have involved staying awake after I got home last night, which is hard to do when all you want to do is get home and starfish on the bed.

Thursday was the audition, which went really well.

I determined the dance sneakers I got were NOT going to work for me, so I put them back in the box and will be sending them back. I went and got the other ones from the store because I just don’t feel like going through multiple rounds of waiting and sending back. I got a pair of Bloch Boost, and I love them so much. They’re comfy, and the soles are easy to turn on but not clackety like the other ones. Armed with those, I did the Ballet Boot Camp when I got home from work yesterday.

Y’all, words cannot describe how much I love that DVD. It’s got all the qualities I wanted to find: good, real ballet moves, an intense workout, and the feeling at the end of being totally stretched out and tall. I wasn’t able to do the whole DVD (I stopped after 45 minutes), and there were places where I couldn’t do all the reps of something, but to my mind, this is good because it means I can use this DVD for a while and progress through it. Even once it’s easier, I still think it would make a great workout.

After ballet, I had rehearsal, followed by the weekly cast shindig. It’s at UNO’s (the pizzeria), and I got this great squash and pumpkin soup thing, which was low cal and extremely tasty. I think it might be my new favorite food, so I might have to figure out how to make it at home.

This morning, belly dancing didn’t feel too intense, but somewhere between the ab exercises in the ballet dvd and belly dance, my upper abs (just at the bottom of my rib cage) are KILLING me, lol. I’m also having muscle soreness in my legs as well, which also got worked both in belly dance and ballet.

After belly dance, I went to my callback from the other nights audition. No more dancing, thankfully, but I am super worn out right now from running all over the place. Time to finish recording the stuff for the album me and DBF are working on finishing by the end of the month.


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