The Final Fifty

{February 21, 2013}   Goals, in depth.

I thought it might be good to expand on my goals a bit, mostly for myself, but others might be interested.

Overall goals:

  • Improve balance.
  • Increase strength in feet, hopefully to the point where I get less foot cramping.
  • Improve flexibility.
  • Increase stamina.
  • Get better at belly dance, tap dance, and ballet.
  • Get waist/hip ratio to a healthier number. Right now it’s about 0.86, whereas healthy is considered to be under 0.8. It sounds like such a minute change, but with my genetics its proving elusive.
  • Get waist size down, again for health reasons. At least to under 35″ (35″ inches or larger is generally an indicator for risk of health problems.)
  • I don’t really have a specific weight/size in mind, at least not a firm one. I’ve never wanted to be “thin”, per se, and I’m not sure it’s even possible for me using healthy means. I imagine I will bottom out at no smaller than a size 8, which would be fine (even 10 would be exciting for me at this point.) Generally, weight ranges for my height go from 115lbs up to just under 150lbs, so I’m sort of figuring once I get down to around 150, I’ll evaluate how I feel at that time, whether that weight feels good for the activities I want to pursue, my level of activity and such, and then decide from there whether I want to lose more or not.

More specific goals:

  • Be able to do a back bend (hopefully possible, eventually.)
  • Be able to do toe stands in tap and hopefully dance sneakers (maybe possible? I haven’t tried at all yet.)
  • This one is probably a pipe dream, but I’ve always wanted to dance en pointe. I am a long, long way from that, and no one knows it more than me. Reputable studios generally require that you do ballet 3x per week, in addition to having good technique and having enough strength so that you don’t end up hurting yourself. Even if I never get this one, though, working toward it isn’t a bad thing. And believe me, I’ve no intention of risking any additional injury to my body. I am tired of injuries.
  • There’s a particular role I’ll be trying out for in December. I have to work on more than my weight for this one, I have to work on getting certain things across in my audition, but I know that losing the weight will help. I’m not willing to use this to push me to lose weight in an unhealthy way, but it does make for good motivation to do the right things, and to commit to doing them now and until I get there. It’s also something to keep in the front of my brain whenever the things I shouldn’t be eating start looking a little too appealing.

The shoes came today, and they’re too big and I don’t really like the soles (they’re sort of like hard plastic, so they’re loud, like hooves almost), so I’m sending them back. I’m going to brave the dance store I went to a few days ago. I don’t particularly like how high pressure the sales person was with me, but I also don’t want to do the buy and return odyssey over and over again, and the ones in the store really were better quality and not as overpriced as I thought they were (once I found the right model, anyway.) Then at least I’ll have ones that fit right.

I didn’t get to dance today because I totally ran out of time, but I did dance a little at the audition. The audition itself went really well, and I should know sometime tonight if I’m being called back for anything 🙂


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